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Michael Ballantyne Consulting

Michael Ballantyne Consulting - Delivering Intelligence-Based Business Solutions 


Michael Ballantyne Consulting is a solution-based consultancy in all aspects of healthcare providing essential, core functions for established and young businesses and new entrants demanding rapid expansion and sales growth in Japan.


Our aim is to deliver the best solutions for clients whilst supporting the introduction of competitive medical techologies and, hence, supporting doctors and improving patient care.


Michael Ballantyne Consulting embodies three core functions:

  • Executive Search - Market and competitor analysis leads to candidates being identified, engaged and evaluated
  • Market Data and Analysis - Market data is collected from public and specialised sources, then analyzed and evaluated and tailored to our customers' requirements

  • Hands-on Support and Program Management - Support for your total business needs including business and financial valuations, strategic planning and operational analysis plus end-to-end project management

 A Simple But Highly Effective Model

We analyze product segments to identify as many functionally alike or component part product similarities as possible from local and global manufacturers and local distributors. This allows us to identify business relationships and alliances in manufacturing and sales, and map out a list of prospective competitors based on their products by clinical indication, cross-segment product similarities, functional relationships and specificity.

Our market analyses cover the entire spectrum of university teaching hospitals, hospitals, clinics, rehabilitation and treatment centres across all regions in Japan. Michael Ballantyne Consulting's expertise reaches right down to surgical procedures and clinical treatments, doctors' specialities, memberships and group affiliations and, importantly, the products doctors prefer to use.

We monitor total numbers of surgeries performed annually for injuries and diseases as well as every clinical trial that is currently being conducted in Japan`s hospitals.

Our complete competitor analysis - using public and proprietory data - means we access wider and stronger pools of candidates exhibiting similar product specificities, that demonstrate the business, strategic and cultural attributes that reflect the requirements of our clients.


Our aim is to deliver the best solutions for clients whilst supporting the introduction of competitive medical technologies into the Japan healthcare market and hence supporting doctors and improving patient care.