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Michael Ballantyne Consulting is always interested to hear from anyone looking at either continuing a career in healthcare and/or professionally minded healthcare individuals interested in strengthening existing business skills and experience or adding those skills and experiences alongside Executive Search responsibilities in Medical devices and Life Sciences industries.

What we offer: 

Personal development

  • Opportunities to better understand the healthcare industry and the entire business process for medical devices and Life Science manufacturers marketing products.
  • Enjoy hands on experience supporting executives prepare, analyse and evaluate market and competitor data to formulate and execute actionable strategies for market entry projects including product alpha-and-beta testing.
  • Such projects would involve detailed market and competitor analysis, formulation of Regulatory Affairs strategies, sales and marketing plans, financial modeling and risk analysis, and hiring strategies based on market opportunity, end-user demand, product competitiveness and the cultural requirements and financial background of an individual client.
  • Such business experiences and skills will go a long way to your applying it to your everyday executive search projects and provide a wider, detailed and business analytical framework to approach and execute your everyday projects.
  • Understanding product specificities, functionality and sameness across multiple segments will make your projects more interesting to work on, will offer wider pools of prospective candidates and will increase your chances of success in Executive Search.


Competitive compensation packages including base salaries, expenses and good commission rates are available.

What we expect:

We`d like to hear from you if you are a highly motivated, well organized and disciplined individual, with strong communication and the right interpersonal skills. Individuals with a passion to work in the healthcare industry are highly sought.

We are specially looking for individuals with either good life-experiences or graduates with some healthcare knowledge or experience. If you come directly from a recruitment background, experience in Medical Devices or Life Sciences is a requirement.

Spoken and written English and an everyday spoken and written knowledge of Japanese is also a requirement.

To apply, please send your resume and we will reply to you within 1 week.