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Our aim from the outset was to provide a range of entry options based on initial market and competitor analysis, business modeling, option analysis and comparison and simulation using our unique company model. Those options were available for individual clients to evaluate alongside their own entry options and became entry strategies thereafter.

Contact us to view an individual entry option, or a case study relevant to your own business segment or more specific to your product lines.

Bone Growth Stimulation Therapy Spine and Extremities

2011…Business valuation and full-entry strategy

Rehabilitation Products Following Osteoarthritis   Supports and Braces

2012…Distributor management and market presence

 Orthopedic Shoulder Implants     Reverse and Stemless

2012…Business valuation and full-entry strategy (subsidiary)

Critical Care, Ventilators And Oxygenators

2012…Distributor management and market presence

Advanced Training Equipment For Orthopedic Surgeons – Ankle and Knee

2012…Product beta – test and sales and marketing strategy

Women`s Health Specialist , Diagnostic, Surgical and Treatment

2012…Marketing strategy

MRI/TRUS Fusion, For Treating Prostate Cancer

2013…Product beta-test and market presence

Pulsated And Non-Pulsated Magnetic Therapies For Treating Pain - Relief

2012/2013… Product beta-test/Regulatory Affairs... market presence