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Executive Search Process


Our proprietary market data and analysis sets the stage for all of our Executive Search projects.


Our Healthcare business management experience and Executive Search experience provides the functional expertise.

Strategic and project preparation along with candidate engagement methodologies bring us the answers and results for both clients and candidates. 


Retained Executive Search


Retained search is preferable in cases where a client has a pressing executive level need that requires a candidate who will hold key leadership responsibilities and whose services are integral to overall organizational success. Given the strategic importance of these positions, there is often a degree of urgency, and confidentiality, accompanying this type of search.


Exclusive Executive Search


For hard-to-fill positions. Cost-Effective and is a 2-way relationship between the client and Michael Ballantyne Consulting.


Contingency Executive Search


Less recommended and usually for companies looking for a demonstration of commitment and project speed and execution.


Project Executive Search


Recommended for projects requiring a number of similar positions. One of the most cost-effective methods for such searches.